Edouard Brault:

about energy, fears and opportunities

Edouard Brault – the energy coach of the world stars, the founder of the new direction in coaching, came to Moscow for only three days to meet with his clients. I managed to talk with him and learn some principles of his work.

– Edouard, what is energy for you and energy coaching?

– Everything that surrounds us is energy. The river is energy, stones are energy, metal is energy, glass is energy, a burning candle is also energy. Our thoughts, emotions and psychological state are also energy.

My mission is to discover new energy resources inside a person, which for a number of reasons were blocked. And also to help a person be successful, achieve their goals, and self-realization.

Achieving the goals requires energy: success, money, family creation, health, sex, socializing with people, enjoying life – all this requires certain energy resources. The way we act and speak shows the level of our energy. When we have a lot of energy, we live at high frequencies and quickly find ourselves at a high standard of living.

We begin to meet interesting people and find ourselves at the right time in the right place, enjoy life and everything that we do. The level of our energy is directly related to the level of our life. And it is applicable immediately to all areas.

I came to energy-coaching after many years of work as a financier. And for me, energy is a new currency. Now everyone is obsessed with money. But energy is much more important. It helps to make money, be happy and find love and joy, success, sports, sex and other things. Money does not allow so much. We cannot buy love or happiness. Therefore, money is an old currency. A new currency is energy.

– Is it possible to measure a person’s energy level and his potential resources?

– Technical means for measuring energy levels are still very primitive. There are, for example, a machine that photographs the aura. But this is a very basic thing.

French explorer Antoine Bovis came up with a way to measure the energy of the earth and water, which was named after him by the name of the Bovisa scale. By this metric system, you can determine the level of vibrations emanating from a person.

The level of vibration shows a person’s ability to experience joy, be creative or possess a certain level of power, be positive, psychologically and physically resistant to external influences.

I use this device during my sessions. So we can check what level of energy a person has before the session, and what he has become after working together.

– And what does a person feel after raising the energy level?

– This is primarily a surge of strength and joy, and opening up new opportunities. He does what he has never done before. A person begins to think and act faster, becomes more generous and sincere.

When we have a lot of energy, everything goes easily, quickly and the events develop in the best possible way. We have a special vision of how things should turn out, and we easily manage the situation.

When we have a low level of energy, we are forced to work much more. And everything is given to us with difficulty. Around there are many ill-wishers and enemies that interfere with the implementation of our plans. We have a lot of fears, doubts and lack of confidence.

– What is depression and why do people get depressed?

– First of all, this is a low level of energy. Man accumulated negative thoughts and emotions and formed psychological blocks inside him.

– How do you work with depression?

– During the session, I define the psychological block or problem and, with the client’s permission, remove them. Man becomes free. The next step is to increase the level of self-confidence. As if I was a DJ and raised the level of music. But for this, I need a person’s permission. It will be enough if the client simply says “Yes!” To me in return. Noticeable changes in life will follow in 2-3 months. People usually say that their life has become “more healthy and more incredible”. Since in their lives events begin to occur and people appear that they have long dreamed about. I can be called the “activator of human capabilities”. To go higher, be more active, successful and happier. And even if a person has already reached heights – become a star, millionaire or president, I can still activate even more potential.

And the person will go even higher. Our nature has no boundaries, so there is no limit to success. Or in other words we can say, “I – the one who sets up the Formula 1, so that it came first to the finish line.” All my clients for me are Formula-1. They all want something special. Someone – love, someone – success, someone – money.

I, like Sherlock Holmes, find the root cause, because of which a person does not realize this need and help him to realize it. And all this during 45-60 minutes of our session. I explain to the person that prevents him to give positive working tools and programs to help reach a new level of energy. A person can perform special exercises at home.

– How many personal sessions does a person need?

– Usually everyone starts with one. Important for people to see how it works. But after the first session, a person’s life changes noticeably for the better. Of course, an individual program is necessary for the full result. On average, this is about 7 sessions.

For example, now I’m working with the CEO of a large computer company (I will not name it), which was founded 16 years ago. And now its income reaches 700 million euros per year. The client was in constant stress. He was successful, but lost motivation. This is typical of most successful people. They either burn out or they have problems with health and relationships.

After our work, he again found a motivation. But the main thing is that he became a harmonious, completely new person and changed the management system in his company. He learned to delegate authority, became more relaxed and kind with his subordinates. His relations with family members also improved.

He did not need money before, because his company was successful and famous. But now he enjoys everything that he does and his company occupies a leading position in France. As a rule, when people already have everything, they simply lack happiness. And I help them live a happy life. Since happiness is also energy.

– And what changes did Kylie Minogue have after your work?

– Kylie began to achieve everything even more easily and happily. She works non-stop: she gets up early; she has photo shoots, rehearsals for the concert, dances, business meetings, interviews, numerous flights. But all this she does in peace, harmony and joy. And she is always full of energy, health and looks young. She is a very radiant woman and she is very generous.

This is what happens to my customers. They become more open, generous, conscious and positive. I do not believe in a “normal” life. “Normal” for me is not good enough and this is something that must be avoided. I’m sure that every person can have an amazing life if he wants. But for this you need to work hard.

– What lowers our energy level?

– Repeated negative thoughts and emotions, fears, unhealthy lifestyle (alcohol, cigarettes, drugs), forced sex or a person with low vibrations, communication with negative people.

– That is, energy vampires exist?

– Of course! As a rule, these are people who themselves lack energy, they are depressed and are negative about the whole world. They constantly complain about life and other people. When we listen to their complaints, we lose our energy. Their opposite is joyful, sparkling, positive people. And they fill us with energy. They do not complain about life. They see new opportunities in everything and therefore they are more successful.

– And what gives us energy?

– Love of close people, communication with pleasant people, sex with a loved one, natural food, nature, sports. I also developed special exercises that help to quickly increase energy levels. Usually I give them at training sessions or during personal sessions.

– How to get rid of fears?

– We have many conscious and unconscious fears. The best thing we can do is just to start acting in spite of fear. If you are scared, go at your own peril and act. The main thing is not to stop. Action kills fear and gives energy. If we do not do anything because of fears, events will stop happening in our lives.

For example, often men are afraid to call women and invite them on a date. They think that the woman is special, and she will reject them. And they just do not call her. And, thus, they lose opportunities. The simplest thing in this situation is simply to call. We all have a window in which you can look and see the possibilities.

But many people do not even see this window. People who constantly complain about life do not see that every day gives them new opportunities to change everything. But to see opportunities is the first step. The second step is to use them. Opportunities arise and disappear very quickly. As soon as we saw them, they should be used immediately. Therefore, action is the main tool in fighting fears and using opportunities.

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