Hello, my name is Edouard Brault.

Like many kids I had in my childhood the intuitive feeling of a big potential inside of me. As I grew older I developed the urge to develop these potentials and to get rid of my blocks and of what I call the «backpacks». In my case, they were many! So I started therapies, began to read books and visited specialists known to my family in France and other countries. It was a fascinating and deep liberating work.

I was born in Paris, France from a French father and a Danish mother. My French roots gave me the conviction that the human being can reach his best in the expression of joy, quality of life, appreciation of beauty. From the Danish side I received the knowledge that everything can be more simple and relaxed.

Life is so beautiful! And hard at the same time. Since I was a teenager, I wanted to make it easier and more balanced.

At the age of 26 I learned about energy techniques and I soon experienced a rise of my Kundalini. It changed my life! (Kundalini is a powerful spiritual energy that is usually «asleep» in us. When it is awaken it activates of our many hidden potentials and leads us progressively to enlightenment, which is the ultimate goal of human beings according to the masters).

I started at the age of 27 a career in finance that lasted 15 years. I traded billions of euros in the financial market, rose capital for projects and advised billionaires. None of these activities provided me any happiness. They lead me to the certainty that our world needed more consciousness and generosity.

In 2011 I decided to try my energy techniques in high level sports. The first athletes who benefited from them such as Francis Obikwelu and Chris Brown won European championships and the Olympic games.

At the same time, I worked with many artists such as Jose Garcia and Kylie Minogue who experienced the positive outcomes of this cooperation for their career.

Since 2011 I have extended this energy coaching work with hundreds of individuals from all continents for their business and personal life.

My passion is to help people find more happiness and success in their life with much, much more energy!


The human being is animated by an amazing system of energy centres and channels.
Ancient Indians described this energy system 1000s of years ago.

Energy centres and channels contain our power of life as well as our potentialities: self confidence, joy, love, communication skills, creativity, intuition, relationship with money, charisma,
physical and emotional well being, inner beauty, etc. The power of these abilities depend on how well these energy centres vibrate in us.

Blocks, fears, stress, sadness, anger, guilt, loneliness, addictions and all sorts of limits correspond to blocked energy channels or centres.

Success + Happiness = Energy

My job is to help you vibrate at the highest possible level in just a few months. I help you develop your potentialities with tailor made techniques I have created during my personal research.

How I developed my energy

For more than three decades I have made research and development on our energy potential. Living masters I have met and masters from the past have inspired me hundreds of techniques. These techniques can make wonders to bring to us more joy, power, abundance, physical well being. Literally for any quality or ability you would like to enhance there is a possibility. For any block or limit you would like to get rid of, there is a way.The sky is the limit!

New approaches of therapies give us the power to liberate ourselves from our condition in ways that were inimaginable only two decades ago.




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